"Dear National Cleaners, Thank you so much for getting the ball point pen mark out of my wedding dress this week. I was so stressed about the mark, and you alleviated all my worries. You made this bride-to-be very happy indeed! I look forward to recommending you to my friends and family!"

Crystal (in Seattle)

Who We Are...

We Treat Every Wedding Gown Like a Treasure

Every wedding dress is a treasure in its own right, as valuable as any textile piece in a museum. We truly believe that we have a responsibility to preserve these personal treasures for the brides who trust us with their gowns, which is why our focus is the art of cleaning, preservation, and restoration. We study the intense cleaning, preservation, and restoration techniques used by museums, textile scholars, and couture experts so we can apply that expertise to each and every wedding dress entrusted to our care. Our ongoing training in textile preservation is a unique characteristic of National Drycleaners.

Painstaking Care With a Gentle Touch

No matter what your gown's fabric blend or embellishments, we will handle it with skill, precision, and knowledge. Whether we are undoing damage done by red wine or cosmetics to a contemporary wedding dress or restoring a vintage gown to its former beauty, we can bring out the dormant beauty in any dress.

But in addition to the growing body of knowledge required to properly clean, preserve, or restore vintage and modern wedding gowns, we also specialize in sensitivity. Sensitivity to the fact that the piece of clothing we are holding in our hands is the culmination of someone's dreams.

Our rigorous standards are tempered by gentleness, so you can be sure that your wedding dress will be returned to you in the best possible condition. We take full responsibility for every wedding gown in our care, and take our clients' trust seriously.

Call us to make an appointment at (888) 605-9191 or use the Request an appointment button below and we'll follow-up with you promptly.