"Just wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job cleaning my wedding dress, and for your great customer service. Iím very pleased with my experience with National, and canít thank you enough!"

Jennifer (in Seattle)

Wedding Dress Cleaning

We Find Every Spot - Even the Ones You Can't See

At your ceremony and reception, what was happening to you probably took precedence over what was happening to your wedding gown. And afterward, you may be too busy honeymooning or dealing with the realities of married life to inspect every inch of your gown for stains, frays, rips, or missing beading and sequins. So let National Drycleaners of Seattle do that for you. Our wedding gown cleaning service includes a comprehensive inspection to seek out the tiniest imperfections caused by the wear and tear of your wedding day. Our experts are able to identify not only the obvious spots and flaws, but also things that are virtually invisible, like perspiration, champagne, icing, and more. Every stain needs a different method of treatment, and that treatment may vary depending on whether your wedding gown was crafted from silk satin, rayon georgette, or even very temperamental fabrics. We gently hand clean all the dresses in our care and rinse with virgin solvents to ensure than no cleaning agents are left behind so that your gown is as fresh as it was the day you first tried it on.

Our Eyes Are On the Details

Wedding dresses with delicate beading, fragile lace, or intricate patterns of sequins and pearls tend to require the extra attention we provide, simply because it's so easy for a thread to become loose here or for a hem to fray there over the course of your wedding day. We inspect every embellishment on your wedding dress as part of our wedding gown cleaning service, and tighten and repair beading and other ornamentation, as necessary, both before we attend to any stains and after, during the post-cleaning inspection. After your wedding dress is deemed impeccable, we hand finish your gown so it looks exactly as the designer intended before it's packaged. When possible, we invite our clients to perform a costumer inspection before we package a gown to ensure that we have achieved perfection.

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