"I'm so glad I picked National Cleaners to clean and press my wedding dress
for my wedding day. Mike and his staff did a wonderful job with the
wedding dress I bought from David's Bridal. The alterations were perfect! I couldn't believe how dirty my dress got on my wedding day. You folks cleaned it so it looked brand new again. I would highly recommend National Cleaners
to any bride in the Seattle area."

Cynthia Jameson


The Wedding Dress of Your Dreams Can Last Forever

A perfect wedding dress makes a bride feel like her best and most beautiful self. Finding it can be a journey. Wearing it is like a dream. And then, after the wedding, it comes into our hands.

National Drycleaners knows just how much of yourself you have invested in your gown. We understand that your gown is more than just a dress and that it deserves something more than a simple dry cleaning. Our wedding gown cleaning, preservation, and restoration specialists are trained to address the specific and unique needs of wedding dresses so that every gown that comes into our hands is protected from elements and age, and still as beautiful as can be, from generation to generation.


Wedding dress preservation is about so much more than sealing a gown in a box - National Drycleaners wedding dress preservation methods utilize archival-quality materials that protect your gown from moisture while allowing it to breathe to ensure that it is an heirloom future generations will be honored to wear. Our preservation services go hand in hand with our cleaning services, because your wedding dress should be as clean and as beautiful as possible before preservation for lasting magnificence.

The storage boxes and tissues we use are always acid free, sulfur free, lignin free, and buffered to remain acid-free so that nothing that touches your wedding gown will ever interfere with its preservation. Your wedding dress will be as beautiful decades from now as it is on the day you walk down the aisle.


It's a tragedy when a bride-to-be has dreamt of wearing her mother's or grandmother's wedding gown, only to find that it has yellowed with age or was boxed without proper cleaning and seems un-wearable. National Drycleaners wedding dress restoration services can make a bride-to-be's dream of wearing an heirloom wedding gown come true. We have wedding dress restoration specialists on staff who are experts in restoring vintage and antique wedding gowns to their former brilliance. Our restoration team can return your wedding dress to its true color without harming delicate fabric and remove discoloration that is beyond the scope of your corner cleaners. There's nothing quite like wearing a family heirloom or an antique wedding dress on your special day, and we can make that happen.

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