We treat your dress like a treasure

Each wedding dress is a personal treasure, worth preserving like any fine garment.

Alterations & Repairs

Our expert seamstresses are ready to tackle the toughest of projects.


Your dress will be inspected and cleaned by hand with utmost care and consideration.


Keep your dress as perfect as the day you wore it” or something along those lines, current text is weird and misleading.
Wedding dress

Painstaking Care With a Gentle Touch

No matter what your dress’s fabric blend or embellishments, we will handle it with knowledge and precision. With our skillset, we are able to address any damage done to both contemporary and vintage wedding dresses. Whether the damage was caused by red wine, cosmetics, or the sheer passing of time, we can bring out the dormant beauty in any dress.

Our rigorous standards are tempered by gentleness, so you can be sure that your wedding dress will be returned to you in the best possible condition. We take full responsibility for every wedding dress in our care, and take our clients’ trust seriously. We understand how important your dress is and we take our clients’ trust seriously when your dress is in our possession.