Frequently Asked Questions about Preservation

FAQ about Preservation

At Seattle Wedding Dress Care we can assess and meet all of your alteration needs. Whether they be for a bridal dress, a bridesmaid or flower girl dress or for the mother of the bride dress, we have you covered.

Our dress specialist will carefully hand clean every individual dress with gentle solvents, wedding dress-specific detergents, or water to dissolve the different kinds of stains on your dress. Your dress is then rinsed in pure solvent until it is completely clean.
Your completely clean dress is carefully packed with acid-free tissue into a museum-quality wedding chest that protects your dress from air and light that can cause unprotected dresses to yellow.
We take an extra step to be sure all stains, seen and unseen, are removed. Spills such as soda, wine, and cake, (many times caused by a guest and unnoticed by the bride) contain sugar and often dry without leaving a visible mark. Sugar is not dissolved during ordinary drycleaning and can caramelize over time into ugly brown stains. We take time to ensure that all stains are removed.
Our trademarked MuseumCare™ wedding chest is completely acid free, and pH neutral. Boxes that are only pH-neutral are not as safe for your dress, and ordinary boxes and tissue can cause yellowing. There is also a chance a basic box and tissue can “burn” dresses, leaving dark brown streaks wherever fabric touches the box.
You are able to view your dress through an oval window made of polypropylene, an inert plastic that will not yellow or damage your dress.
Unlike other retailers, we do not seal your dress within the wedding chest. With our MuseumCare™ wedding chest, you are not only able to view your wedding dress but are also able to handle it, should you need to.
The guarantee is not voided, but improper handling of the dress may result in damage, and we recommend that your dress be repacked. If your dress is handled excessively or soiled after opening the chest, it should be cleaned and preserved again.
You are able to store such things as a headpiece and veil, petticoat, gloves, garter, and handkerchief, though there may be an additional charge.
We recommend that shoes should not be stored with the dress because fumes from leather and glue may cause damage.
We are able to make any needed repairs. Please note that for some repairs there may be an additional charge.
We can also preserve other special garments such as christening dresses, communion dresses, quinceañera dresses, and military uniforms, among many others.
We have a 100% international guarantee, backed by Wedding dress Specialists in more than 500 cities around the world, against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of your dress. This means you can bring your preserved dress to any participating Specialist for an inspection and press at no charge.
Still have questions? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.