Wedding Gown Restoration

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Wedding Gown

Wedding Dress Restoration

Dress Restoration is how we breathe life into vintage garments, making them shine like new.

Our certified wedding dress specialist can reverse yellowing without harm to the fabric and assess other areas that may have experienced damage that could have otherwise been prevented with preservation.

Our restoration service is second to none. Our creative staff can also modernize antique dresses through re-construction or re-styling so they can be worn for generations. There’s nothing quite like wearing a family wedding dress on your special day, and we can make that happen.

Whether you’re choosing to restore a family heirloom or just want to see your dress sparkle, we promise to delicately care for this piece of your big day.

We consider any dress 20 years or older to be restoration as dresses that age and older should be handled with the utmost care and typically show signs of caramelized sugar stains and/or oxidation.

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